Season 1

Series Premiere

Episode 1 - Dr. David Acheson

Dr. Julia Bradsher interviews Dr. David Acheson, Founder and CEO of The Acheson Group, on international food safety.


Episode 2 - Dr. Junhua Han

IFPTI's Executive Director, Jerry Wojtala, sits down with Dr. Junhua Han from the National Food Safety Standard Department of the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment to talk about food safety standards in China. 

A transcript of the video translated to Mandarin is available here


Episode 3 - Ron Meeusen

This month Ron Meeusen, co-founder, partner and principal of Cultivian Ventures, LP sits down with GFPI's Dr. Bradsher to talk about funding challenges and opportunities in food protection technology.

Ron says that innovative rapid detection food protection technologies exist, but the high price point for individual tests keeps them from being widely used in the field.