The Global Food Protection Institute (GFPI) is a leading food protection organization dedicated to protecting the world’s food supply.  Established in 2009, GFPI actively engages key public and private stakeholders across the food system.  The GFPI mission is achieved through regulation- and standards-based training, advancing new food protection technologies, and convening forums for the transformative exchange of ideas about food protection.

GFPI's Value Proposition

GFPI fulfills a significant role in the advancement of global food protection as a trusted and engaged partner for training and innovation. For government, commercial, international, academic, and consultative partners in the food protection arena, GFPI is a valued and key partner for public and private stakeholders. 

Multiple Initiatives to Broaden Food Protection

  • Today - Regulation and standards-based training of food protection professionals through the International Food Protection Training Institute
  • Tomorrow - Linking entrepreneurs and investors to bring cutting-edge food protection technologies to market through the Technology Initiative
  • Beyond - Convening global thought leaders and policymakers concerned with food protection worldwide through the Symposia Initiative

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Be a global leader in the advancement of food protection.

Mission: To enhance public health by improving the protection of the world's food supply through training, certification, thought leadership, and technology.